Change Site Content and Sidebar Width in WordPress

To Change width of Website Content (Post)  and Sidebar (Login bar , Meta)

WordPress is very great tool to develop your own website and start your business, But after all service we still need some modification in our site. So let see how to change post width and Sidebar width in wordpress.


For this you need to go into your WordPress Site




Additional  CSS

And Put this code there

Change the Original Value of .site-content and .Wrap Max-Width and Then Change % (Percentage) of Primary (Post) and Secondary (Sidebar) sidebar.


Welcome To Excel Macro Classes

Folder Access Provider

This code will help you to provide and Remove folder access, For this you should have Admin Access to that Folder.

Add this code to the Userform

Add this code to the Module









Zip and Unzip

This code will help you to ZIP and UNZIP  folder from Excel VBA


Windows Login validation

This code will help user to identify if Input Credentials (User ID and Password) are correct or Not for windows and even on Network also without login, using  VBA


Window Hang / Freeze

This code will help user to freeze\Lock Windows ( No Mouse and Keyboard will work) for specific time.

Put below code in Module and Run TimeLockTest


Visible Excel instance if hidden

This code will help user to to unhide Excel Running instance if that is hidden.



This code help user to force Speak by computer, just write your statement and see the magic.



This code will help to copy any file from one location to another Location. You need to put this code in Notepad and save as .vbs (extension)  Example.vbs


If you need to Edit  just open this file with Notepad and change the path.


Find Last Entry in SQL

SQL Statement to find last entry from MS Access using in VBA


Stop Userform Movement

This code will help user to stop movement of userform from one position to another position.

Put this code in module

Put this code in Userfom